campylobacter jejuni and Me

For those of you who are curious about my health, I came back from France with campylobacter jejuni. Basically, I had a bacteria trying to colonize my colon (no pun intended). With the help of some antibiotics, the colony has been wiped out, the last colonists putting up only a token resistance as my troops swept them into the toilet of destiny with overwhelming force. I claim this planet for my butt. Ahem. Speaking of medication... Between travelling and getting sick, we came pretty close to the bottom of the buffer there. I say "we" because although it's "me" doing the writing, drawing, coloring, and stuff, it's "you" who'd be missing out if I dropped off the face of the planet ( MyButt, colonized in May, 2001). We're in this together, you Schlock fanatics and I. Anyway, on May 19th I only had one strip colored and uploaded (although I had another 12 drawn and waiting to be colored), and the days since then have been a scramble to rebuild the buffer. Fortunately, this weekend has been kind to me. I cranked out fourteen strips, including a record-setting (for me) eight strips on Saturday. As of right now the buffer stands at 26 strips, colored and uploaded. They're good strips, too. I mean, yeah, they're my usual schlock, but there's some woo-hah funny and some hiy-yah action in there. Gee, it's too bad you can't peek at my hard drive and see what's coming. That privilege is only afforded to a choice few.