Causes to Affect

If you've been paying attention, you know that my recent Kickstarter success (#2 all time in board games) was overshadowed by Rich Burlew's reprint drive, which is now #3 for all of Kickstarter. It's a good time to be crowdsourcing things.

So let's look at some causes you can have an effect on:

First, the Erfworld Motion Comic! Rob Balder is a friend of mine, and Erfworld is one of my favorite fantasy-themed strips. This is probably because it's also themed after table-top games, which are near and dear to my heart. Rob's project has already hit the funding goal, so now's a great time to jump in a reap the rewards of over-funding.

Second, the Funding the Dream podcast! Richard Bliss taught me all kinds of things about marketing, and is currently the best expert I know of (let alone know personally) on all things Kickstarter. His podcast features interviews with Kickstarter successes and failures, and his frequent 'casts have become so popular he now needs a little boost to make more of them happen. He's not far from his funding mark, and if you're planning to crowdsource money at some point you definitely want to hear what he has to say.

Finally, something that is neither a Kickstarter project, nor driven by somebody with the initials "R.B." My good friend Jake Black beat cancer (okay, there's a B, but no R) and has been struggling for a couple of years now to beat the cancer bills. My OTHER friends at Dragon's Keep have decided that all proceeds (not net sales -- GROSS sales) of backstock comics will be donated towards paying those bills UNTIL THE BILLS ARE GONE. This is an amazingly generous thing for a business to do. If you're local, buy up some backstock comics and beat the rest of the money out of Jake's dead cancer.