Challenge Coin Kickstarter Ends Friday

This week's comics will answer a question: "why haven't we seen Tagon's Toughs challenge coins in the comic before?" 

They will also draw attention to the Schlock Mercenary Challenge Coin Kickstarter, which many people remain unaware of since they only read the comic, and are blissfully ignorant of the drivelous, shilltastic merchandising that happens down here in the blog space. 

 In case you came in late, the Kickstarter ends on Friday, March 22nd. As of this writing it is scheduled to fund at over 6,000%, so your decision to participate should be founded on whether you want shiny things rather than on your desire to help us fund.

There are just over 200 NCO slots left. For $60, here's what the NCO-level pledge will get: 

And yes, that includes shipping. Anywhere on Earth.

Other coin designs have been unlocked, but there's no pledge level that automatically includes them -- they're add-ons, and may require additional shipping charges. We'll be firing up a shopping-cart style pledge management tool after the project has closed on Kickstarter which will make a la carte selection easier, and which will allow you to increase your pledge to cover add-ons, shipping, or even to turn a $1.00 foot-in-the-door into a $100 "give me one of everything" as if you'd backed the project from the beginning. As I've said before, Kickstarter is a great way to launch an uncertain project, but it's not a very good web store.

I'm not going to complain about Kickstarter, though. With their brokerage, Schlockfen have funded a very shiny collection of things, as well as a project that will help document a number of challenge coin traditions. If you have a story to tell about challenge coins, follow that link!

We'll probably see a funding spike right towards the end, because that almost always happens with successful projects. I have a few additional stretch goals in mind -- Once those NCO slots fill up we'll be needing a Series 3 Tagon's Toughs coin, and I'll be designing a ship commemorative coin at the same time. And maybe more than one... it depends on how insane the spike is.