Challenge Coin Kickstarter Ending...

The Schlock Mercenary Challenge Coin Kickstarter, successful beyond my fondest nightmares, is drawing to a close. As of this writing you have 29 hours to get on board. It ends Friday night at around 8pm my time, and I have exactly ZERO control over the final lock-down.

A dollar gets your foot in the door, assuring you the opportunity to acquire one of the numbered exclusives and/or the discounted bundles. Just make sure you can use PayPal to add funds later.

We will be carrying all of the non-numbered coins as inventory, and as of this writing it looks like there will be a total of 13 coins minted as part of this project. Several are in-universe replicas, a couple are handy tools, and a few will serve as reminders, decision-makers, or excellent gifts.

I'll be doing four ship commemoratives as part of the project (I assume we'll unlock that last coin in the next 29 hours.) Designs for the first two have been submitted, designs for the second two are precipitating from the concentrated solution of my brain. None of these will be finalized before the project closes, which is a horrible thing for me to do to you, but there, I've gone and done it. I'll get the designs finalized in time for the final pledge management next week, though. If you're not sure whether you'll like them, pledge now for the ones you DO like, and decide on the ship coins later.

We still aim to ship these in April, though it'll probably be late April. Imagine! A Kickstarter that delivers product within 45 days of the project closing! Who would have thought it possible? Who would have dared to speak these words, risking that he might have to eat them whole, with or without serifs, forty-five days from now?

Yeah, that'd be me. Mercenary schlockishness notwithstanding, my customers come first, and I will deliver the goods.