The Challenge Coin Kickstarter, A Real Update

First, the link: The Schlock Mercenary Challenge Coin Kickstarter is live, has funded, and is overfunding far beyond my expectations. And you awesome, generous people have not led me into the possession of humble expectations. 

Second, the promise: I promise to deliver awesome stuff for these stretch goals. I didn't expect to need design #3 until Saturday. I needed it ten minutes after we opened the project. And I'll make sure that, barring exclusive numbering, everybody who wants a coin or coins can get it. Don't panic. This is what Kickstarter is for.

Third, Credit Where Credit Is Due:

  • Myke Cole turned me on to this idea. Lots of you suggested it, but he pushed me off the ledge. He put me in touch with his manufacturer, and was my first line of defense against dumb ideas and incorrect flavor text. He doesn't know it yet, but he's getting a very low-numbered coin at no charge. 
  • Richard Bliss helped me ENORMOUSLY as I was putting this project together. An account of that assistance can be found here. If you're planning a Kickstarter, or any sort of crowd-funded initiative, you are not doing due diligence until you've listened to Funding The Dream. And maybe, MAYBE if you see Richard in person, he'll show you the very low-numbered coin I'll be giving him.

Fourth, I Still Have Work To Do: Like, a week of comics to draw, and several thousand words of tie-in fiction to write. This is not my only iron in the fire, and though it seems to have set the entire shop alight, I still need to tend to some other things. Please be patient with me for the next few days.