Chimaeracon, Today!

I leave the house today at 11:15am. I'll arrive at SLC International at noon, park in long-term parking, and be in the air on my way to San Antonio by 1:25pm. Or that is the plan. According to this same plan, I land in San Antonio at 5:00pm, Al Griego picks me up and drives me to the convention, and I get my game on. I've already heard from one crowd of Schlockers planning to make a three-hour pilgrimage on Saturday. You too, oh Texan Schlocker, can be as cool as them. Succumb to the peer pressure. Imagine, if you will, that "everybody" really IS doing it. I'm bringing mockups of the cover for the book, a PDF that shows what the book's guts will look like, and of course all my art supplies. Bring your favorite miniature, and I'll sketch it into your favorite RPG character. FREE. And if you have moneys to give me, oh the things I can do with ink and color. I'm Emceeing the costume contest on Saturday night, too. That's probably as close as I'll ever get to the stand-up circuit. You don't want to miss it. See you there!