Christmas Was Nice, I'm Still On Vacation

Christmas at the Tayler home was nice, and it was white without being white-outed -- a perfect amount of snow. For those of you who sent gifts, cards, or happy thoughts, thank you. They were all well received. I haven't wounded myself with the Dremel yet, we've devoured the assorted snacks, and the kids have been playing the wiijeepers out of "Link's Crossbow Training" and the Wii Zapper. I've painted, I've Dremeled, I've played with children, I've played with the Zapper, I've read, I've relaxed, I've overeaten, I've overslept, I've turned music up too loud, and this morning I was awakened by music I left up too loud. (I didn't plug my alarmed iPod into the bedroom deck because I planned to sleep in. Absentmindedly leaving it plugged into the kitchen deck with the volume cranked proved startling at 6:20am.) All that, and I want more. I colored a couple of strips this morning, but my heart just isn't in the whole "get back to work" thing just now. So my plan is to stay on vacation. I can get back to work in January. Sure, I lose a week of buffer, but that's what it's there for. So... I'm vacationing. You might say I'm "on hiatus," except the comic will continue to update until long after I've decided to come back to work. If I don't say anything before then, Happy New Year, everyone!