CKK: The Confirmed Keyboard Kill

Occasionally I get sad emails from people who have made the mistake of reading Schlock Mercenary with a mouthful of their favorite morning beverage. I call these emails "confirmed keyboard kills," and I'd venture to say that if every one of those keyboards actually needs to be replaced, I've cost the world tens of thousands of dollars. But you only have my word for it. Is it Funny Today?I just learned that a new site has launched allowing you to tell others whether or not a particular strip is funny. Is It Funny Today, found at lets you see what others think is funny, and rate strips yourself on a simple funny/not-funny scale. There is no CKK option yet, but there should be. I've linked you to the "story comics" page, because that's where Schlock Mercenary appears. If you feel inclined to tell others that I made you laugh, heed that inclination and go! Also, stop reading this comic with your mouth full. The world economy is suffering enough without your senseless wasting of computer hardware and carefully-brewed beverages.