Clash of the Yaaaawn

I love a good blockbuster movie with eye-candy and action and big scope and all that. I guess I've gotten jaded, though, because Clash of the Titans had me yawning all over, even when the Kraken was going to town (literally) in Argos. But I had fun, and this list is all about how much fun I had.  Clash is my new #3.

1) How to Train Your Dragon

2) Alice in Wonderland

3) Clash of the Titans

4) The Wolfman

5) Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief

6) The Bounty Hunter

7) Repo Men

8) Cop Out

9) Book of Eli

A-jillionty-five) Legion

If you want to see giant monsters this weekend, don't bother with Clash. Go see How to Train Your Dragon. If you want to see Gerard Butler be a tough-guy, don't bother with The Bounty Hunter, go see How to Train Your Dragon. And if you want to see Sam Worthington kick butt, I think Avatar is still playing.

But if you're like I was this morning, having seen all of these except Clash of the Titans, go ahead and see it. It's big, it's pretty, it's loud, and you haven't seen it yet, right? I'll spare you a full review of Clash. Suffice it to say that the most interesting characters don't get enough screen time because there are too many awesome special effects in the way, and our hero sticks to his principles the way water sticks to a duck. He swims around in them a lot, and we never see him without them, but he's never really wet.

Oh, and Hades. Wow. I haven't been that impressed with a creature of fire and brimstone since the Balrog in 2001's Fellowship of the Ring.