Clearance Cleared, Biff Booked

Y'all went through our scratch-and-dent books pretty fast, folks. It almost makes me wish our volunteers had dropped a couple of cases of books down the stairs or something. If you've still got book-money burning a hole in your pocket and cannot hold on until July 1st when we open XDM pre-orders, let me point you at an excellent alternative: The Book of Biff. Chris Hallbeck delivers the single-panel gags five days a week on the web, but he's also got four books in print now. The humor is cognitive yet absurd, and I don't feel the need to understand the eyebrows. Or the rocket hands. Book of Biff 4-Pack I've loved single-panel humor ever since Gary Larson raised the bar on the art form with The Far Side. David Farley cranked it up a notch for ten years or so with Doctor Fun. And now Chris Hallbeck gives us The Book of Biff in that same grand tradition. Chris has advertised with me in the past, but this blog mention isn't something he's paying money for. It's just my way of saying thanks to him for making me laugh.