The Coins Have Shipped

Sandra, Janci, and their team of minions volunteers have finished shipping challenge coins out to the backers of the project. Early June is, in fact, later than late April, but we got it done.

(Well, THEY got it done. Per my previous comments on the matter, my participation amounted to "stay out of the way" and "go buy everybody a sandwich." I'm fine with this. I got a week of comics done yesterday, and today I got a root canal. I'm less fine with the root canal, but it's finished, and your coins are in the mail.)

If there are issues with your order, please email We'll make it right.

If you're interested in buying coins, please be patient. We're going to get them into the store, but we need to take care of a large pile of other business first.

If you'd like to shout about how awesome the coins are, this is actually a pretty good place to do that.

At the end of this week I'm flying to Chattanooga for the First Ever Writing Excuses Seminar and Retreat. I'm not sure yet what my internet presence will be like, but I suspect that if I'm really getting into the spirit of things you'll see a few tweets from me, and then silence. Or maybe I'll tweet-boast my word counts at the end of each day. I don't know yet. (Hopefully I will not be tweeting anything along the lines of how much my tooth still hurts.)