Coloring Book -- Fun Facts

Here are some fun (and some boring) facts about the coloring book downloads: 1) The PDF won't view or print correctly on Macs unless you're using the actual Adobe reader. 2) There have been 230 donations. The gross (before Paypal's cut) is $1721.01 3) That's an average of $7.58 each, but the majority payment (90 out of 230) is $5.00. 4) Any payment of less than 33 cents goes entirely to Paypal in fees. You'll still get the coloring book, though. They say you can't measure something without changing it. That's fine. I figure it's only fair for my readers to know how sales are. Sandra and I are very thankful for your generosity, and will definitely do something like this again -- probably with less seditious satire, and more pictures of aliens for our fans (and fans' children) to color.