Comic-Con 2006: Day 0

The drive from Orem, Utah to San Diego, California is a long one. I'll spare you the full travelogue. The best part of the trip was listening to "Return to Tunguska" by Alan Parsons while driving through a wildfire between mile markers 150 and 125 in southern Utah at 4am. The sky was black, except for a badly yellowed moon, there was smoke EVERYWHERE, and there was a hellish glow from the embers on both sides of the road. Add the music, and it was surreal. The rest of the day wasn't nearly so memorable (except for forgetting Jerry Holkins name... I'm such a heel, even without the car-lag). I'm rooming with the Udon crew, and they're a cool bunch. I'll probably be scoring some shweet swag for my friends back at the Keep who are Udon fans. Tomorrow the BLC crew and I will be building our booth, and then manning it for Preview Night.