Comic-Con: Day 2, more details

Thursday is the first full day of Comic-Con International. The show opened at 10am, and we were ready. Throngs of people descended upon the exhibitors, and the multitudes committed commerce in multitudinous manners. Some of the bought stuff from us at Booth 1330. And you know what? That pretty much sums up the day. I sat, sold, sketched, and took a couple of breaks for a good 9 hours straight. I drew this for $25.00. LookingForTrouble.JPG After the show closed, I hung out for dinner with T. Campbell, David Willis, and several people from the Supercollider team, including Rob Balder, and Pete Abrams. We had Indian food, and I went off-roading on the menu. I had a 15-out-of-10-stars curry, which supposedly means it was half again as hot as what they tell people they can make. Meh. It was hot, sure, but I stopped eating only because I was full. Had my head been pouring sweat, we'd have known there was some real fire in the pot. (It's probably a good thing it wasn't as hot as I can physically take, because I'm happier knowing there won't be fire in the chamber pot tomorrow.)