Comic-Con: Epilogue with Linkage

There are a few cool things I'd like to link you to in the aftermath of Comic-Con International 2006. First and foremost, a huge plug goes out to my friends at Udon Studios. I knew they were behind the Street Fighter comic books, and the new Exalted comic books, but I didn't realize they had a fan site with exclusive merchandise. Not only are the Udon folks fantastic artists (their creative services team does contract work for DC, Marvel, and numerous RPG projects), they're also good people who are fun to hang around. If you've never looked over their stuff before, now's the time to check 'em out. Next, there's an auction up -- the Blank Label Comics 2006 San Diego Comic-Jam, pencilled, inked, and signed by seven of the nine BLC cartoonists. This is truly a one-of-a-kind item, because we don't get together all that often. BLC-2006-ComicJamSM.gif The Blank Label Comics booth was right next door to Billy West and Hatchling Studios. Mr. West is the voice behind Fry, Farnsworth, and Zoidberg in Futurama, and told us he'll be going back into the studio for Season Five sometime this next week. He also voiced a very amusing little animated short for Hatchling called "Endurance Challenge: Mordred's Isle." If you like RPGs, and think Reality Television needs a good send-up, check out the short for free at the link above. Finally: during one of my panels I promised a link to the survey tool I used back in 2005. It's called Perseus Survey Solutions Express, and unfortunately they're no longer accepting new user registrations. The good news is that Robert Khoo's suggestion, "Survey Monkey," is still around for your free-of-charge usage. The free offering doesn't scale past 100 responses, but the professional subscription is only $20 per month, which beats the Perseus pricing hands-down. One final note: As evidenced by my return to the blogundering, I made it back from San Diego safely. Thank you for your concern. You can call off the search parties. Oh, and I took the liberty of razing that desert town with the mutant, inbred, flesh-eating psychopaths. Passage through the Mojave is now safe for all. Just be sure to bring water.