Comic con, halfway done

-a report via Sandra Tayler Howard is completely without the capability to check email or internet during his stay at Comic Con. I get reports from him once or twice a day telling me how things are going, but the conversations are short because he is really busy and tired. The con is going well. Howard is having fun conversations with cool people. This always makes me a little jealous that I don't get to talk to the cool people too, but at least I get to hear the stories. However the majority of Howard's time is spent committing commerce. Our seat-of-the-pants estimate says that we have just about broken even on convention expenses. This is, in part, due to all you wonderful people who are not at Comic Con and have purchased Schlock stuff via the internet. Tomorrow is the biggest day of the con and we have high hopes that Howard will bring in enough that he can celebrate by purchasing boots on the way home. Howard wanted me to be sure and mention that he does have marker art available for purchase at the con, but you'll have to ask to see it. There isn't room in the booth for him to put it on display. The things that don't sell at the con will end up on ebay later, so the rest of you can have a crack at it.