Find me in San Diego this weekend! Conjecture 2013/Conchord 25

This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, October 18-20, I'll be in San Diego for Conjecture 2013/Conchord 25. Programming runs from Friday at 2:00pm through Sunday at 4:00pm, and if you pick up a three-day membership at the door it'll only set you back $50.

This year's theme is "the lighter side of SF&F," and the guests of honor are Esther Friesner of Chicks in Chainmail fame, and the inimitable filk*-machine Tom Smith. Oh, and me, rounding out the funny-bone-tickling trifecta. Kirstin and Volker Tanger are the Interfilk guests. And if that's not enough to get you through the door, the program grid also features Larry Niven, Vernor Vinge, and numerous other folk.**

I'm not manning a table at this show, but Schlock Mercenary merchandise will be available in the dealer's room through Mysterious Galaxy***, and originals and prints will be on display in the art show. This means I'll be free to wander around between panels, shoot assorted breezes, and enjoy the show the way many of the attendees do. Since none of my events start early, I'll likely be out as late as most of the rest of the crowd.

I may even filk. Fortunately, I don't think I know any of the songs, so me actually singing is something you are unlikely to be exposed to.

Here, for your reference, is my schedule:


  • 5:00pm, Clarendon -- Structures of Humor with Esther Friesner and Tom Smith. (Note: Three career humorists on a panel about humor is a MUST SEE if you have a professional interest in funny things.)
  • 6:00pm, Le Sommet -- PRETTY PRETTY BATTLE TIARAS FOR ALL. This is a craft session, and yes, I need to make a battle tiara for myself because I don't wish to be left out. 
  • 7:00pm, Chanticleer -- Opening Ceremonies, and then a Meet the Guests ice cream social. 


  • 12:00pm, Clarendon -- Guest of Honor Interview, in which Ron Oakes grills Howard Tayler mercilessly. 
  • 1:00pm, Clarendon -- Refined Handwavium: Plausibly Faking the Science -- Calvin W. Johnson, David J. Peterson, Eric Rand, Nicolai Shapero, and Howard Tayler
  • 4:00pm, Clarendon -- You Really Get Paid to Do That? Tim Griffin, Neil Hallford, Keith Hartman, Kirsten Tanger, Volker Tanger, and Howard Tayler (Note: If you've ever wanted to ask me "how do you make any money?" this is the panel for you.)
  • 6:00pm, Chanticleer -- IRON HACK, featuring Marc Biagi, Esther Friesner, Dani Kollin, Allison Lonsdale, Tom Smith, and Howard Tayler (Note: This is storytelling as an improvisational performance art. Subject matter may not be appropriate for children, sensible citizens, or sophonts with class III or higher digestive limitations.)


  • 11:30am -- Dealer's Room -- Autograph session (which with me does, in fact, mean I'm drawing pictures in books. And no, you do not need to have purchased the book at this show.)
  • 1:00pm -- Art Show -- Art Auction. (I'm not sure I'll be in attendance yet, but I probably do need to put in an appearance long enough to direct all of my unsold schlock back into the right boxes.)

I fly out late Sunday afternoon, which means that autograph session will be your last firm opportunity to catch up with me at the event. Don't miss out! I haven't been in San Diego since 2007. That's half a lifetime in dog years, and it's an entire generation in Internet Time.My schedule is too tight to allow for any off-site activities, so I won't be seeing San Diego, not really. But that doesn't mean I can't see you. Come to the show!

*Note: "Filk" is a music thing. It is weird, and wonderful, and I cannot think of anything more under-appreciated. This show will have lots of it.

**Note: I never thought I'd see the day where I was the Guest of Honor at a convention where legends like Larry Niven and Vernor Vinge were "mere" program participants. I'm chaining my inner fanboy to a wall so he doesn't embarrass me with ill-timed squee.

***Note: Mysterious Galaxy only has about 30 pounds of my books (2 copies of each volume, plus another ten of The Body Politic.) If you've been saving up for this show in order to complete a collection of Schlock in print, please email so we know whether Sandra should be shipping another case of things.