Convolution 2012: The Report

Just under three years ago a group of friends decided to throw a convention. This last weekend that decision, that dream, and thirty-four months of effort bore fruit, and I got to be a small (but very openly lauded) part of it. I wasn't one of the original group of friends, no, but they invited me to their party, and I feel like part of the inner circle now.

Convolution 2012 was wonderful.

The venue is beautiful. The interior spaces of the Hyatt feel almost like a garden party, and while there are some odd twists and turns in places, I never got lost. The rooms were nice, and the only complaint I have is that there wasn't all that much to eat in short walking distance. What there was, however, was quite good.

I loved the exhibition area - the art show, the dealers, and Steve Jackson's Steampunk Chaos Machine. The Chaos Machine probably won't be back next year (it travels widely) but they're already making plans to have other cool, participatory stuff in that space. 

Everyone was friendly and accommodating, and while I sensed the presence of the usual suite of convention glitches, they didn't actually glitch onto me.

My point? If you're in the San Francisco Bay area, this event is worth attending. If you're NOT in the area, flying in to SFO couldn't be easier, because the hotel is ten minutes from the airport, but NOT under a noisy flight path. 

Keliana and I had a great time, met lots of old friends, and made plenty of new ones. Best of all (for me, anyway,) I think I managed to decompress at this show. I relaxed. The anger and depression I've been wrestling with for the last month or so just sort of bled out of me, only not like real blood because that would have hurt. I am ready for the week.

I've got stuff to do, and I'm just the guy to do it.