Convolution This Weekend

No, I won't be convulsing, nor will I be embedded in the folds of a giant human brain (though that might be cool.)

I'll be in Burlingame, California all weekend for Convolution, a brand new convention for genre fiction fans in the Bay Area. I'm there as a Guest of Honor, and am doubly (and indubitably) honored to be appearing alongside the other GoHs: Steve Jackson, Julie Dillon, Steve Berman, and Steven Brust. If you check out that page and scroll down, there's a long list of cool people there you'll want to meet. But get in line. I want to meet them too!

Not on the list, but there nonetheless? My daughter Keliana. Her work (much finer pieces than the dated stuff on that DA page) will be up in the art show, and she'll be attending along with me. I'm thinking of this as an extended "take your daughter to work" day. 

I don't have a table in the Dealer's Room, but my merchandise will be there with one of the vendors. Here's a quick run-down of my schedule:

7: 00pm: Pavilion -- Meet the Guests -- I'm told there will be karaoke. If there's a song I can sing well, I shall perform. STONE COLD SOBER.
12: 00pm: Sandpebble A--"Humor, Horror, and Howard" (a reading!) This is a solo act, folks. And interactive, too!
2: 00pm: Atrium -- Autographs (and of course sketches.)  
6: 00pmSandpebble E -- " Kickstarter: Not for Beginners" ( Steve Jackson, Steve Berman, Christine Doyle, Lee Moyers, and Howard Tayler)
10: 00amSandpebble C -- "Mental Illness as Entertainment" ( Jennifer Brozek, Sandra Saldak, and Howard Tayler)
12: 00pmSandpebble A -- "Growing Artistically Through Crisis" ( Emerian Rich, Sandra Saldak, and Howard Tayler)
2: 00pmSandpebble A -- "The Evolution of Female Characters in SF/F" ( Christopher Erickson, Valerie Frankel, Wanda Kurtcu, Emerian Rich, and Howard Tayler)
It's possible that I'll be picking up a matinee of "Wreck-It Ralph" on Friday. It's likely I'll spend some time Friday trying to catch up on work, which means me laying claim to a table in some public space and drawing comics. Follow me on Twitter and you'll know when and where both of these events take place. Assuming you're well-behaved, you're invited.