Cover Art and a Progress Report

I got a lot done yesterday, starting with this:

It's the line-art for the cover of Schlock Mercenary: Emperor Pius Dei. I just sent it off to Travis Walton for coloring. He will make it awesome. Awesomer, even. And in case you're wondering, the high-collared, Elvis-haired critter behind Ambassador Breya and Admiral Tebbir is from the fifteen page Bonus Story. That's why you don't recognize him.

I also got pencils done for the remaining 27 pieces of margin art yesterday. They still need inking and marker-colors, and that's probably 12 solid hours of work, but it looks like I'll have it done by the end of the week, which means we'll have books in time for the big conventions at the end of the summer.

None of the pencils have been scanned (that's not the point in the process where scanning takes place) so here's one of the margin pieces I colored Monday night.