Currently At Sea

I'm currently at sea, somewhere between Copenhagen and Stockholm (for sea-going values of "between.") The weather is lovely, the sea is relatively calm, and the only annoying noise is the 220->110 AC converter that Sandra and I are using to keep our various devices charged. It has a fan, and the fan whines. So of course I whine about it, because that's how complaining works.

Tonight is formal night in the dining room, which means I need to put on a tuxedo when I'd much rather just lounge about in shorts, and snack on pizza at the buffet. It's okay. Tomorrow I'll be in Stockholm's old town wearing something that is not a tuxedo, and seeing things that are much more interesting than the shipboard buffet, and listening to complaints from my feet instead of a portable power transformer.

I'd post pictures for you, but my bandwidth here is quite limited, and my phone just decided to chew up an entire day's worth of rationed megabytes by downloading an update to the Android OS. Maybe I'll find a nice internet cafe in Stockholm and upload a selfie or two.