Customer Appreciation Day at The Keep

The Dragon's Keep, located in the bustling heart of downtown Provo Utah, is putting on "Customer Appreciation Day" this Saturday, March 17th. I'll be there along with Bill Galvan, Sal Velluto, and Ric Estrada. While I'm around these guys... these GIANTS... well, they blot out the sun.

Okay, fine. I'll hand out free sketches in the shade.

If you're in the area, come on down. There will be bins full of 10-cent and 25-cent back issues, and Bill Galvan and I will be leading a workshop on something or another. Bill draws Archie Comics these days... with luck I'll be able to coax a hawt Veronica out of him.

Edit: Here's some pre-event coverage in the local collegiate press, complete with a photo of an upcoming Schlock Mercenary strip in progress!