Digital Merch and The Last Three Days

As promised, here is the digital version of the Schlock Mercenary 2014 Monthly Calendar, presented as a gridless PDF, which makes it less of a calendar, and more of a pithy picture-book. It comes complete with a link to the wallpapers for maxims 25 through 36. 

If you've already ordered the physical version of the calendar, all this is already yours -- we just haven't linked you to it yet. We hope to send that particular email-blast out in a day or two. We also hope to put all of those calendars into the actual mail in the next ten days. 

Sandra's Kickstarter for Strength of Wild Horses funded on Saturday! As of this writing you only have three days to back the project. The first stretch goal is a digital one -- ten desktop wallpapers crafted from Angela Call's illustrations. The first of those, at 1920x1200 resolution, is already available to backers so they can see what's coming. 

Sandra and Angela are thrilled that the project has funded, and we're all excited to see the book produced, wrapped in a gorgeous cover, and placed in the hands of the kids who need (and will love) this particular story. It won't be ready by Christmas, obviously, but Spring of 2014 is a better time for the color palette represented above, right?

Speaking of Christmas: If you're planning to shop with us during this holiday season, and are hoping to get the goods in time for Christmas, please don't delay! Any orders going outside of the United States will need to be placed by Friday of this week, and while the official USPS deadlines for domestic shipping are a bit further out, to be on the safe side you should place your order with us no later than Monday, December 16th

Here's the store link. Coins, books, magnets, calendars... we still have all of the things.