Death By Cliché, the Bob Defendi Podcast

Death by Cliché, by Robert J. Defendi. Art by Howard Tayler.My friend Bob Defendi, who is known professionally as "Robert J. Defendi," wrote a hilarious novel that leverages gamer clichés for effect. Now Bob has done the funniest possible thing with it -- he has recorded himself reading it to you.

Bob has a great voice. I role-play with him weekly, playtesting his Echoes of Heaven game setting, and Bob's mellifluous baritone becomes incalculably imposing in person. The man is quite literally twice my size. You don't need to imagine that when you hear him read, though. Just sit back, relax, and listen.

The first installment of Death By Cliché is a double-header, which means you're getting seventy-eight minutes of audio-book. Thereafter Bob will be releasing a new episode each week. I loved the book when I read it. I'm looking forward to listening to it and loving it again.

Bob is also our guest this week and next week over at Writing Excuses, but don't take that mix as any indication of what his voice can do. Poor Jordo had to fade Bob waaaay down so he didn't drown us all out, and I think he overdid it. Bob is so loud in person that Jordo couldn't tell what was coming through the headphones, and what was just rattling his skull from across the table.

Enough of me prattling on about the wonders of Bob's Voice. You go listen to it, then come back here and try to tell me I'm wrong.

UPDATE: Okay, it looks like Bob's server caved under the load. We're not sure if this is a configuration issue, or the weight of a good Schlocking. For the time being, I'm mirroring the first episode of Death By Cliché right here.