December 03, 2004

Some Well-Deserved Plugging

For over four years now I've been using Blambot Fonts in Schlock Mercenary. I've used free ones, I've bought CDs at conventions... I've even bought a few of the special one-off fonts created exclusively for conventions. And I use them all. Some more than others, mind you, but I use them all.

Most of you have little need for Blambot fonts. They don't look good in Word documents, and most of them have only one case (UPPER!) and limited punctuation. Plugging these fonts to you guys is like selling handgun ammo to elk hunters.

Well, the creator of Blambot fonts, Nate Piekos, has an online comic now -- Atland. It's a beautiful-yet-cartoony fantasy story full of corny clichés, head-lopping action, and bodaciously curved females. It's been running for several weeks now, and though it only updates weekly, it's a real treat when it does. There are a few updates that can be considered "Not Safe For Work," though (piles of blood, cartoon nudity), so you may want to be mindful of that.

The first strip is right here. If you like it, and if you email Nate, be sure to tell him thanks for all the great fonts.