December 04, 2000

It's been a nature-lovin' kind of weekend for me. On Friday a bat got into the building at work, and I got to dance with it, flapping my long, wool coat to chase it towards the lobby doors and freedom. And then Saturday morning there was a hawk in my backyard. Hawks like to kill and eat sparrows and finches, and the sparrows and finches were very nervously perched outside the yard waiting for the hawk to go away so that they could get some free grub at the feeder on the back fence.

I'm trying to decide what's cooler... a hawk, or a bat? The hawk is bigger, and could probably kill and eat the bat. But the bat is... is... well, it's a bat, and that's just inherently cool.

So, what's your "theme animal?" What animal best represents you? Mine is a 1984 GMC Suburban with after-market mods, including a 50mm cannon. Either that or the Road Runner. Beep-Beep!