December 06, 2000

There's a new feature here at Schlock Mercenary, and it is decidedly unfunny, for which I feel the need to apologize. I'll continue to feel this need for maybe twenty or thirty minutes, and then I'll get over it without actually apologizing. I hope this guilt-denial mechanism of mine doesn't leave you feeling empty.

If you are feeling a little bit empty, maybe you should go read a good book. I could recommend a few to you. Once upon a time (1996, I think it was) I was the Science Fiction books guide at, which has become a part of the network. I was good at it, but I was kind of a squeaky wheel, and so I got let go before their IPO (but I'm not bitter.)

So, we're talking about good books, and new features. I have this old collection of book reviews that I'll be updating periodically. If you'd like to look, click me. There is no punchline.