December 06, 2001

Grrrrr.... Christmas.

A few months back I bought a drafting table, and created a nice little workspace for myself. This week, however, the Christmas tree began intruding into my space. It was so bad that when I sat down the visual clutter of the room crimped the part of my brain that I use to draw, and I literally could not bring myself to sit at the table and draw.

Something would have to change.

It was with stormy looks and severely engrumpificated language that I hauled all my schlock downstairs to the computer room. I didn't want to have to draw in the basement. Being upstairs with the family while I draw is one of the things that makes it possible for me to have a reasonable sort of family life, while still cranking out Schlock Mercenary and holding a demanding day job.

I've drawn four strips in the new spot, and I'm afraid it's grown on me. I've got more space for my stuff, and the lighting is quite a bit better than it was upstairs. We'll see if doing all my work in the basement leads to my transmogrification into a hunched, antifamilial kobold. Oh, I suppose I could move stuff back upstairs when Christmas is over, but that's a lot of work, and besides... I like it down here. Stupid Christmas tree...