December 11, 2000

I've got two pieces of news for you this fine Monday morning. The first is a shameless piece of bribery. I've created a humorously violent Schlock Mercenary banner for the Planet Cartoonist Top 100 list, but you don't get to see it unless Schlock Mercenary makes it into the top 25. Right now we're about 80 votes shy of the #25 slot. You can vote once-per-day (per IP address) by clicking the link in this paragraph, or the icon over there in the left column.

The second is a re-affirmation of my commitment to you, my fans. You'll always have a daily dose of Schlock here. I promise. In order to keep that promise, I'm keeping ahead by a minimum of two weeks. Today I'm scraping the bottom of that buffer, but I'm still ahead of it. By re-stating my commitment to you, hopefully I'll encourage myself to get busy, and get strips drawn one or two months ahead. I'm not hurting for things to write about, mind you. I'm just getting fat and lazy. The nights are getting longer, and a little voice in my hindbrain says "overeat, and then hibernate." I guess my theme animal is a bear. Mmmmm.... salmon.