December 14, 2000

It probably goes without saying that bribery is effective. This has nothing to do with the US Presidential race (thank heavens it's over), and everything to do with the new Schlock Mercenary banner I promised you at the Planet Cartoonist Top 100 list. Schlock soared to #20 in the first hours of December 11th, and as of this writing resides comfortably at #18. I'd love to soar higher. (Boy, that banner sure was funny. Maybe you should click here to see it again...)

I mentioned bears and salmon in my last entry. Here's why. It's a television commercial for John West Salmon that still cracks me up. Fat pipes only, I'm afraid. It's a 9Mb MPG.

And in another update to the December 11th open Letter, I'd like to apprise you on the state of the Buffer. Right now I've drawn, scanned, and uploaded strips through December 31. Thats 17 days of lead time, which is up 3 days from where I was on the 11th. It's not enough, though. I'm going back upstairs to draw right now. See? Look at me, headed up the stairs. Up the stairs. That's me. Going up right now. Presently. In a moment. I'll be back at work in just a couple of minutes, I swear.