December 18, 2000

Late-breaking news!! I won a haiku contest over at The White Shoe Irregular. Go see the stupid little thing that I wrote. It'll be archived here after December 18th. I now return you to your regularly scheduled open letter.

I got quite the bargain on movie and game rentals last Thursday, and it's a good thing too. I spent just over $7.00, got four movies and two N64 games, and so far the movie I've enjoyed most was the old Rankin/Bass animated version of The Hobbit.

I'm not saying that movie was much to shout about, mind you. I'm just saying that everything else I rented was a big disappointment. Shaft, for instance, wandered around violently for 100 minutes or so before firmly confirming my low esteem of movies that go to video inside six months of their theatrical release. Titus was visually amazing, but I didn't understand it, and kept falling asleep. I only saw 50 (out of 168) minutes of the tape before deciding that I must lie pretty far outside Titus's target market.

I won't trouble you with descriptions of Hey you, Pikachu or Pokémon Puzzle League, because I got those for the kids (of course, The Hobbit was also for the kids... )

I guess I got my $7.00 worth. I'm glad I didn't pay more. Bleah.