December 18, 2001

Three things.

First, the important thing: I've plugged Sheldon before, and many of you have gone and checked it out. I have a favor to ask. Go check it out again. Dave Kellet just signed with United Media, and they are "trying his strip out on the web." (Okay, forget the fact that it's been successful on the web for years now, you syndicate bozos: just pay the man, okay?) Apparently, if Dave has regular internet readers at his new site, he'll get a shot at actually getting into the papers, and he'll be able to make real money at this cartooning thing (as opposed to the strange 'internet money' we get online, which is mostly good for playing monopoly.)

Second thing: I have tix to the 2:50pm showing of that highly-anticipated Tolkien feature this coming Wednesday. Needless to say, I'm so excited I can hardly contain myse... oops. There goes my spleen again. Gotta tuck that away so it stays put.

Third thing: the buffer is suffering. I cranked out two strips yesterday just to get up to sixteen... I've had consistent problems staying above twenty lately, and this worries me. I mean, if I get seriously sick or something, we're barely two weeks away from a world with no Schlock. No, I'm not begging for help, or guest artists, or anything like that. That wouldn't solve the problem. Mostly I'm begging for sympathy. And I'm using my whiney voice. And that's about the point at which most folks should start tuning me out.