December 21, 2000


Do you hear that? That, my fine friends, is the sound of me relaxing... it is a deep, expansive sort of relaxation. I am like a warm pool of water, flat, and calm. And somehow getting flatter, and calmer. Maybe like a spreading puddle of urine never mind. I'll start again without the metaphor, and with a clean pair of pants.

Yesterday was my last day at work until January 2nd. Novell pretty much shuts down for the week of Christmas, and I'm taking an extra couple of days on this end of the shutdown. It comes out to twelve days of vacation, but I'm not going to sing that ridiculously repetitive song with the partridge, and the geese, and other annoying, messy gifts.

I was so happy and relaxed when I got off of work that I cranked out three strips. My big plans for the Twelve Days of Howard's Vacation are lots of quality family time, and lots of Schlock. Yes, folks, all things considered right now it's pretty sweet to be me. You want some? Hah! Tough crap. Go find your own helping of holiday bliss.