Did Blógünder Trip Schlockover?

We had a little bit of down-time Thursday evening, right about update time. Suspiciously, this is on the first day that the index page has had live-updating content on it. Well, we're not pulling the new blog solution yet, because the server logs don't indicate errors or CPU load on the dynamic content bits. The errors seem to have come from the also-recently-updated virus scanner. Don't you hate it when you make two changes at once, and you're not sure whose software to blame? I know I do. I used to work tech-support, and that's a nightmare call, right there. "Isolate the problem" is so much easier when the customer says "well... I deleted a bunch of files last night," or something equally finger-pointy. Anyway, we'll keep our eyes on things. I'm sorry if some of you missed your fix. We aim to please, but Schlock Mercenary is an area-effect weapon, and the aiming is more hip-shot than anything else.