Dragons Keep 20th Anniversary -- this Saturday!

anniv_20_frontpage.gifThis Saturday, September 8th, I'll be at Dragons Keep in Provo signing books and doing sketches along with four other creators: Ryan Ottley, Tyler Kirkham, Andrew Dabb, and Dylan Johnson.

The store will have the first two Schlock books available for sale, and I'll bring mockups of the cover for Schlock Mercenary: The Tub of Happiness. I'll also have a portfolio full of original artwork for you to peruse. If you've been wanting to buy an original strip, email me now and I'll bring it with me.

There will also be gaming and game demos, including HeroClix, Magic, Star Wars TCG, and Warmachine. If you've been wanting to see my Trollblood army up close, it'll be there.

Dragons Keep comics and games If you're a comic book collector, I'm told there will be 40,000 comic books new to the floor, and that the back stock comic books will be available in 10-cent and 25-cent bins.

Dragons Keep is located at 260 N. University Ave in Provo, and there's plenty of parking in the rear. The festivities run from 10:00am through about 4:00pm this Saturday. If you need more information, call 801-373-3482, or visit www.dragonskeep.com.