Dragon's Keep, This Saturday!

Dragon's Keep Comics And Games Emporium in Provo, UtahThis Saturday, March 14th, is Customer Appreciation Day at Dragon's Keep in Provo. If you follow my tweets or my Facebook updates, or really pay any attention at all to stuff other than the comic itself then you know I spend a lot of time down there penciling and inking.

Saturday I'll be down there signing books, dashing off sketches, and maybe even bantering loudly with Bob Defendi and Dan Willis. Anybody who hasn't seen the Howard and Bob, or Bob and Dan, or (heaven help us) ALL THREE OF US mouthing off merrily at some Utah convention or another is missing out. We have a good time. I'll try to make sure we're all at the same table.
Other guests include Bill Galvan, JJ Harrisson, and Quinn Johnson. They're good guys too, and quite skilled to boot. The creators' scene in Utah is pretty rich, and this event is just a tiny, pseudo-random sampling of it.

I'm told there will be discounts available, including discounts for first-time shoppers, and for people who bring first-time shoppers with them. I'll have lots of my merchandise laid out for your perusal -- the first four Schlock books, along with posters, magnets, pins, and even the Writing Excuses CDs.