Dress Code, and my awesome new suit

In an upcoming Mary Robinette Kowal book whose manuscript I had the opportunity to read, the characters visit a clothier. They do not buy clothing off the rack. They get measured, and then make their way around the shop examining fabric and the pieces on display. Then, essentially, they ask for "one of these, but made out of this, and I'll need at least two of these in matching colors, but not identical."

Upon reading that passage I turned to Sandra (who had already read and loved this manuscript) and exclaimed "I want to buy clothing THAT way." 

Well... I just did, only it was even better than in the book. A friend of mine, Dawnray Ammon, just got a job at a place called Dress Code, and posted on Facebook about it. They looked interesting, and I needed a new suit, so I contacted them, and one of their fitters came to my house.

That's right, he came to my house.

I got measured, and I was frankly astonished at the various stretchings of the tape he applied in order to ensure the right fit. We then talked about what sort of a suit I was looking for, and what kind of use it would see. I examined fabric swatches and photos, made my selections, and then he was off.

Six weeks later the suit was ready, and it was wonderful. As it turns out, however, I had lost or redistributed about 15 pounds, so the measurements were no longer spot-on. Well, they took new measurements on the spot, and then altered the garments at no charge.

I wear this suit every Sunday, and it is a delight. One of the things I used to dread about church was getting dressed for it, but now that's something I look forward to, because the clothing I'm wearing is comfortable, and I actually look pretty good in it. I'll be going back to Dress Code for a tuxedo at some point. I expect to use them for suits for my sons when I send them off on their own. And yes, I whole-heartedly endorse them for you. They're a small outfit (ahaha pun), local to me here in Utah, so the at-home measuring service probably isn't available in your area, but they do send their fitters abroad for scheduled measuring in all the major metros, so they'll meet you more than halfway. 

By way of confession, I hope I can lose another fifteen or twenty pounds so I have to go back to them for a second suit. I feel so dashing in this one, I can hardly imagine how crushingly debonair I'll feel if I'm not actually carrying extra body fat around in the suit with me.