Dude. Busy Week. I mean... DUDE.

This week so far... 1) Scripted, penciled, and inked a week of comics. 2) Upped the magnet order to ensure sufficient quantities for Comic-Con 3) Finished the edits on The Teraport Wars. This included some big image edits, commentary callouts, and huge piles of work laid at Sandra's feet. 4) Sent The Teraport Wars off for printing. This means we now have a guestimated delivery date (to OUR door, not yours) of September 30th. 5) Scripted, penciled, and inked a second week of comics. I say "so far" because I still need to finish coloring a week or two of comics. Then (and ONLY then) I can be satisfied with my work this week. In unrelated news I saw Wanted and Wall-E. Wall-E is my new #1 for the summer, and Wanted drops in above (yes ABOVE) Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. This is not to say that Wanted is a good film, or has any redeeming value in my sight... just that I liked it a lot more.