DVD Review: The Tick

Okay, I've seen all the episodes, and The Tick (live action) still = Brilliant. From the pilot episode:
"Destiny dressed you this morning, my friend, and now Fear wants to pull off your pants. If you give up, if you give in, then you're going to end up naked, with fear just standing there laughing at your dangling unmentionables."
From "The Terror," (when Arthur laments being anal retentive):
"Good Lord, man, retain that anus! One day its fruit may be the only thing that stands between us and total oblivion!"
From "The Funeral":
"Hey, now, no-one's saying that Death isn't sad. But it's also the Mount Everest of Life. And I say when your time comes, climb it! Who knows what wonders may lay at the icy summit of Death Mountain. It might be nice up there! And think of all the people that have gone before you. You may get to shake hands with some of the greatest minds in human history! Then again, maybe Death is just Nature's way of saying 'try again.'"
I empathise completely with Fillmore in "The Funeral": "I'm starting to like the cut of this man's jibberish." So... I loved the dialog enough to transcribe some great quotes for you. I laughed out loud during every episode. That's not to say the series didn't also have some big problems. Here are the biggest: 1) Costuming: The Tick's costume looked good at first blush, but it obviously restricts Warburton's movement. He can't express himself athletically (he can't RUN, for instance). In some episodes it looks like the costume's crotch area is one big "cold weld," cracks and all. 2) Action: Okay, it's funny when the action happens off-screen. I do that joke a lot myself. But when there is on-screen action it looks almost anti-heroic. You can argue that this is part of the comedy (it is) but it is also a weakness. Had the series run for any appreciable length of time, they would have HAD to actually deliver some good action sequences. The Tick is nigh-invulnerable, after all. 3) Logo, credits, and music... sure, the series had a low budget. But the opening credit sequence was almost student-film-editing weak. The only thing holding it together was Warburton's narration. (Okay, I'll grant that's pretty good glue.) All said, it's still loads of fun. It's not aimed at the kids, though. You'll end up explaining the innuendo, because in at least one episode the characters themselves try to explain the innuendo to The Tick. "blah blah blah paternity suit."