Aaand that's it for travel until 2014!

Conjecture/ConChord was a lot of fun. It's a small show -- maybe 400 attendees -- but the panels were always well attended and enthusiastically delivered. The facility is lovely, and made for a delightful vacation. I'm back now, and the post-convention blues are nicely offset by the fact that I'm not leaving town again until January of 2014. I have two complete months here!

I need to spend them well. The 2014 Calendar project isn't art-complete yet, and the buffer needs to be re-stocked. Book 14, Broken Wind, will be wrapping up at least a month later than I thought it would, probably sometime in February of 2014. Yet again I have succeeded in outlining a story that should only take six months to tell, and then filling it out with more stories.

On a semi-related note, I probably won't be seeing or reviewing any movies until after Bad Grandpa is in theaters. If I never see another trailer for that film it will be too soon.