I Got Stuff In The Mail

I returned home from the gym this morning and there was a surprise waiting for me on the counter.

The photo may make that look like it's an actual disassembled book. It's not. It's a stack of plotter proofs, which are basically medium-resolution inkjet prints of what they're planning to feed into the offset printing process just as soon as Sandra says it's okay to print. We can't use these to check colors, or to identify other sorts of persnickety image problems, but they're just fine for sanity checking things like "are all the pages in the right order?"

But the pages are fun to look at nonetheless.

Pre-orders will likely open during the first or second week of June. We're not ready to take your money yet. Almost, but not quite.

If you've got suggestions for the dozen or so options for Customer Choice Numbered Sketch Editions feel free to post them here. Or you can just talk enthusiastically among yourselves.