Pre-Orders Are Nine-Point-Five Hours Away

Just a reminder: pre-orders for our seventh print collection, Schlock Mercenary: Emperor Pius Dei, will open at 8:00am Mountain Time. Mountain Time is UTC -07:00, so for the obsessively punctual among you, we're talking 7:00am in Los Angeles, 8:00am in Denver, 9:00am in Chicago, 10:00am in New York, 3:00pm in London, 4:00pm in Johannesburg, 5:00pm in Jerusalem, and I'm tired of looking all these up. Oh, and Midnight in Melbourne.

And 2:00am at McMurdo Station. 

Yes, these are all places to which I've shipped books in the past.

If you're looking for something to kill time with for the next nine-plus hours, I can take care of the next fifteen minutes with this newest episode of Writing Excuses. I bet you'll like it.

(Note: I love how all you obsessively punctual people are on time. I may indulge a guilty pleasure and create a place in the Schlockiverse where "fashionably late" is a felony, and repeat offenders become "permanently late.")