Your Emperor Has Shipped

Monday's Emperor Pius Dei shipping party was an overwhelming success. We had our largest group of volunteers ever, and more early helpers than ever as well. The result? All the packages were out the door by lunch. That's right, we shipped over a thousand orders in less than three hours with the help of almost thirty generous, enthusiastic, brilliant people.

The carefully managed mayhem of a Schlock Mercenary shipping party does have some side-effects. We have, for instance, a large stack of scratch-and-dent books. Most of these are my fault. If there's one thing every order has in common it's that I personally touched it, whether to sign the cover or to sketch in the back, and sometimes my own enthusiasm gets ratcheted clear up to "fold, spindle, mutilate." 

Another side-effect is that we sometimes goof up on your order. An invoice might slip into the wrong stack, or a sketch edition of Ebbirnoth might have been piled among books defaced with Ennesby -- that kind of thing. If you have a problem, we'll make it right. Email with your order number and a description of the problem. Sandra will take care of you. 

If you ordered from us and everything was awesome, feel free to post a testimonial below. If your ordered from us and there was a problem, and then we fixed it and everything is now awesome, please feel similarly free to so testify. If you've ordered, there's a problem, and you haven't contacted us yet? This isn't the place to do that. Email us! Let us fix it quickly!

If you've never ordered from us, check out the accumulation of testimonials below, and then consider the savings available in that scratch-and-dent pile. Will you ever have an opportunity to be more informed AND get a super bargain when taking a chance on an internet vendor? I hesitate to compute the odds in the absence of data!

With Emperor Pius Dei out the door I have just two projects to concern myself with: Scripting, penciling, and inking the final month-or-so of Force Multiplication, and attending three conventions -- Gen Con, WorldCon, and Dragon*Con. That's kind of like FOUR projects, but I'm lumping all the conventions into one bucket so I don't feel overwhelmed.

Gen Con is next, and the show opens a week from today.