Equal Time

Today is special.

Today, Wednesday, August 17th, marks the 4,084th day of Schlock Mercenary on the web. That number, while not particularly round, is significant because that's also how many days I worked for Novell (yes, I'm counting the weekends. It's easier that way.)

The comparison is not perfect, of course. I started creating Schlock Mercenary in March of 2000. Also, I started my Novell career with WordPerfect Corporation, and changed jobs within the merged company several times. But I'm standing by this stake in the ground. Today it feels like I've been cartooning as long and as hard as I was IT-careering, and the counts are about right.

I'm at the World Science Fiction Convention in Reno right now. Come see me, Sandra and our friends Sal and Caryn at our booth. We have flyers I'll sketch on for free. We have plenty of other things you can acquire in exchange for coin of the realm (or legal tender, or approved credit). If you'd like, I'll draw Schlock eating the letter "N."

I don't have any scheduled events until Thursday. I'll post that schedule tomorrow, when Schlock's been on the web for one day more than I was at Novell.