Escaping to the Land of the Lost

The remodeling in my office is not done yet. I've booted the kids off of their computer for a bit so I can write this. My own computer is still disassembled, and all my furnishings and trappings remain in a heap in the family room. Today I hoped to be moving it all back into its own space, but the contractor was still laying flooring. So I decided to go see a movie. My brother and I have had good, laugh-out-loud experiences at Will Ferrell comedies in the past, and we like sci-fantasy special-effects pics, so Land of the Lost was the obvious choice. Here's where it fits in my summer rankings: 1. Star Trek 2. Up 3. Terminator: Salvation 4. Angels & Demons 5. Land of the Lost 6. Night at The Museum 2 7. Wolverine Numbers 5, 6, and 7, are all pretty close in terms of how much I enjoyed them. They're ranked the way they are because of how my expectations were set before the film. Land of the Lost is probably not as good a movie as the other two, but my expectations were quite low. I mean, yeah, I've enjoyed Will Ferrell's work in a few other films, but that's not the same as me jumping up and down in thrilled anticipation for his next movie. I went in expecting a dumb-joke comedy featuring a down-on-his-luck hero who stumbles upon an alternate world, and got pretty much exactly what I asked for, only with too much unnecessarily lewd humor. Given that it was a Will Ferrell movie this should have been part of my expectations. Will I never learn?