Event of the day

So... yesterday marks six months since the aggravated insanity of, well, of six months ago. I can't say I did all that much by way of commemoration besides read the news. My March 11th highlights follow:

Event of the day: Big Novell meeting at the theater, after which we watched The Time Machine.

Movie Review of the Day: On a scale of Dungeons and Dragons to The Fellowship of the Ring, it rated a very solid "this sure beats being at work."

New Food of the Day: French's mustard. New to the baby... not to me. Hey, she saw me putting it on my dawg, and asked for it nicely.

Quote of the Day that I Could Not Finish Because I Made Myself Laugh: "Honey, the baby didn't finish her mustard."

Laughter... that reminds me: one of my peskier co-workers (pesky because he continues to champion the causes of internationalization and localization while I'm trying to get some productive sleeping done at my desk) is a very bright, middle-eastern man named Usama. We had a big meeting at work and during the Q&A he stood up and introduced himself. "Hi. My name's Usama. I'm not the Osama everyone is looking for."

There was raucous laughter, and Usama's was some of the loudest. I'd say this great American melting pot of ours is healing quite nicely.