Evolution, but not Underworld

Y'all may recall my post a month or so ago entitled Evolution, Intelligent Design, and Me. In it I stated that as a Christian who believes God created the Earth, I am opposed to teaching "Intelligent Design," because it's not very good science and it's lying about itself when it claims to not be religion. Well, the head-banging in Pennsylvania is being echoed here in the great State of Utah. A new bill is being presented to the State Legislature, and I really don't like it. It mandates that public schools (which currently teach evolution of species and biodiversity) open the "origins of life" and "origins of the Human Race" can of worms, creating instructional material that comes complete with disclaimers about how there are competing theories. Honestly, if the schools aren't trying to teach "origins" now, legislating that they DO teach it, and then mandating that their course materials be muddy is just bad government. In reading the full Daily Herald article I did find a patch of happiness, though. Indeed, it may even qualify as a moment of triumph. My hero for the day is Utah State Senate Majority Leader Peter Knudson, R-Brigham City:
[Knudson] ...castigated Buttars for a statement that Knudson said implied a link between support for the bill and one's religious belief. "That is not the spirit by which we should discuss this legislation," [Knudson] said. "I don't have any doubt in my mind about the existence of God, nor do I have any doubt in my mind about the creation of Earth by God. The one thing that we do not know ... is how God created the Earth. "It saddens me that one's faith would be challenged on a vote on this bill. I vote no."
Gimme a ballot and I'll vote no, too.