Fan Art: Dave Made My Day

I met David Stanworth at Anime Banzai back in November when I accidentally hijacked a webcomics panel. As it turned out, he too is a webcartoonist, and thought he was all alone in Utah in that endeavor. Last week he dropped by The Dragon's Keep and delivered a matted and framed version of the picture below. Fan Art by David Stanworth Needless to say, Dave totally made my day. You can find his work at (some NSFW content) and you can find a desktop-sized version of this picture in Dave's Deviant Art gallery. Incidentally, as I was blogging this I had the current Snafu up on my screen. My brother (who happens to have been a huge Bomberman fan) walked in and busted up laughing. This would have been fine had he not injured his ribcage a few days ago. Score another one for Dave! That was better than the milk-out-the-nose trick.