Fan Art -- Recruiting Poster

The following comes from Adam Askins of Dim Bulb Comics:

Tagon Poster from Adam AskinsNearly two years ago, I emailed you a request for permission to drop Schlock and Ennesby into the background of one of my strips as a way of showing my love for your work. You graciously allowed me the use of the characters and, since then, I've been meaning to get around to thanking you for it. Finally, after a couple years of off and on contemplation, I came up with this. I've included links to the poster version and the drawing without the poster bits because I'm apparently vain enough that it bothers me that I had to obscure parts of the drawing with text. Once again, thanks for keeping the Schlock coming and good luck with it in the years to come. Sincerely, Adam Askins
Thanks, Adam! Sorry it took so long to get this up.