Fan Art: The Lemon Tree Crossover

Back in 2002, Ralph Hayes, the cartoonist behind Under the Lemon Tree, asked me if we could do a crossover. I wasn't all that interested in disrupting my own continuity, but I granted him permission to use my characters and universe in his strip. What resulted remains one of my favorite pieces of "fan art." It transcends the form, really. Ralph asked me about certain plot-twists he planned, and I had to explain to him "no, you can't do that because I'm planning to do that." (He had the Ob'enn coming after Petey, you see). He really got inside my universe, or got my universe inside his head, and delivered a great story -- even (especially!) after I saddled him with some limitations. It's a shame I haven't linked to it more prominently. So here it is. The only backstory you need is that Ben (the big bear) has a crowd of not-quite-so-imaginary friends who sprang out of attributes of his personality. Their romp through the Schlockiverse is a really good read.